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Chill summer! (Styling Turtlenecks in summer)

Hi guys, i finally found my motivation to pen down this much awaited post, regardless of how hectic this past week was..(am working on some projects which i will share with you guys soon) hows summer weather treating you? i have never seen this side of summer in Thailand, its been gloomy and raining all week, in retrospect to that, i miss SUN!

So i decided to do a post on how to adorn outfit on those chill summer days. Turtlenecks. not the thick woolen ones, that we flaunt every winter. but the sheer ones, which covers you enough but not necessarily makes you sweat. if your summer turtleneck got extra features like cut out cold shoulder  like the one am flaunting today, trust me, it will add more to your looks.

i have always enjoyed bags, which have one central details that stands out , and are finished in such a  minimal way. dare i say, everything feels just right. BOYY’s bold, leather-covered tote buckles definitely fit that description. and it instantly  caught my eye.  those large-buckled totes were too die for and the brand has been really successful in producing it for the past few seasons.

For a while, it was hard to find a spot to buy those bags online, but the online retailer stores spare no time in manufacturing their own version although mine almost look like a total rip off, of the actual bag. not that am complaining.

and i completed my look with this circular structured heel sock boot,  yet another rip off, from Burberry, the famous British luxury brand. don’t be disheartened since these are rip offs, it gives you the luxury feel and looks, without having to burn a hole in your saving.

if you like my todays look, you can get the similar items in the links given below. till then stay stylish guys and i will catch up with ya all in my next post. (air kissess)

BOYY tote BAG (similar Here)

sculpted heel (similar here)

High waisted shorts (similar here)

Tops (similar here)


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