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Waist Lace Up Corset Tops/shirt (lace up on lace up).

hello guys, i had been running out of storage capacity in my blog..hence the delay on my post and there was some technical problems too with my posting of high resolution photos, but i managed to resolved it for the time being, (i think i should change my website). so i will cut short and jump directly to my outfit.

Lately i had been loving me some good old fashioned corset trend, with modern twist in it. where i can actually be able to breath and  it accentuates your waistline too, like the one am wearing. and whats more flattering about the waist lace up top is it instantly uplift your simple tshirt and it effortlessly give you a whole new outlook.

my last perspex ankle boots was way too big for me and the embarrassing part was, you could actually see my small feet tryna fit in. so i decided to purchase this lace up one, where i will be able to adjust the fitting-ness of it, and am glad i did. its just so chic and comfortable and lightweight too, which is a plus point for me. (i really dont appreciate heavy weighted shoes)

lace up on lace up, is what really am going for this look today (denim on denim is classic and sounds more appropriate thou ) i simply hope you guys will love what i just threw onto myself.  be creative with your style. till then stay stylish guys. (air kissess).

Lace up Corset top (similar here)

ASOS waist lace up top (similar here)   and (similar here)

Black leather bagpack (similar here)

perspex Lace up boots (similar here)

Ripped Denim shorts (similar here)


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