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Hi guys, hows first month of 2018 treating you?speaking of which, ahem, i want to officially wish you all happy new year. lol. i know its bit of a cliche now, but i had been meaning to post this look on new years day hence, marking my first post of 2018 (technically it still is, just not on the same day) but with final papers approaching and having not done anything about it took a toll on me and my posting. nevertheless we are all back here and that’s all that matters i guess.

it has  been raining Berets this past few months for me. every outfit i pick, seems to go well with it and i had been flaunting it non stop. don’t be surprise if you catch me parading it during summer too! and honestly am having a bit of a throwback moment here, with all the plaid skirt and beret going in all together; classic combination, dare i say! lets be honest, plaid fabric do just feels very old school and with its come back on the runways, plaids pattern had been seen all over, from blazers, to wool coats, shoes, bags and more, plaid is the hot fall pattern that i cant get enough with.

i will link few of my personal picks, hope you guys like it. till than stay stylish (air kissess)

plaid skirt (here)

Beret (here)

Turtleneck (here)


Beret girl in the town!


Hi my stylish people, hows December treating you? i am trying to keep up with my blogging routine. since am not a full time blogger, my professional and personal life gets in, thus resulting in saving my post in drafts. (phewww) As i write this, my babe girl is sleeping right next to me and she doesnt seems to care that her mama took a day off to be with her,(she is down with the fever guys and nothing seems to be working on ridding her fever)so took a blood test yesterday, and i had never been so nervous and anxious in my life(her results are yet to be confirm) finger crossed! so i thought maybe i will complete this post, hoping it will take my mind off (but it doesn’t seems to be helping eh)

Anyways on the lighter side, lets talk BERET! if you recall, i self proclaim myself as a beret girl in one of my previous post, and briefly touched how its back on trend. it did made a comeback, and was seen on the runways At Dior, (beret were leather and placed firmly over model heads) and at Gucci’s and Marc Jacobs  too who opted for 90s-inspired shapes. its official now, Berets are back and they are cooler than ever!not to mention how insouciant it looks.

There are different ways to rock your berets this season, you can flaunt it one low on the back of your crown like your favorite beanie or you can placed it fluffed up on top of your head. or you can style your beret slanted to the side with your hair on one side and this one is my personal fav. ;you can have it dip over your face for a mysterious vibe. all in all, just have fun with look and stay warm. till then stay stylish. (air kissess)


Grey Plaid suit (here)

Beret (here)

Sock Boots (here)

Black Turtleneck (here)

Styling Work wear!

Hi guys, and hello! 2017 is nearly ending and i honestly cant wait for a new year(2018). 2017 had been such rough year for me personally, from heartache to tragedies in my family and Trump taking over White house to Brangelina breaking up, sudden departure of my fav. singer Chester Bennington and all those natural disasters and mass shootings. its like we cant catch a break. i wish 2018 will be kind!

on the lighter note, you guys had asked me do i actually wear all the clothes i post here? well, i do and sometimes even for the sake of the shoot, (the very purpose of this blog was to rid me of my horrendous habit of hoarding clothes) normally i would just post on my daily off duty outfits but today i decided to show you how i style my workwear and romanticize  it.

i honestly cant stop wondering what to wear to work, to make me look as stylish as i do outside the work (considering i and my choice of outfits for work encompasses everything from functionality to chic looking or atleast i will incorporate my everyday wardrobe into office appropriate looks. just like the one i did today.

i had not been well this past few weeks, dry cough is getting the worst of me, and in such dire need, i couldn’t help but wish i had diarrhea(considering its less painful lol.) i might be in hiatus from blogging for a while till i gather all my energy and feel strong enough to post.till than stay stylish guys. (air kissess)


Styling super high waisted pants AGAIN!(brown paper wrap waist)

Hello my stylish people, am finally back with what seems like forever. i simply couldn’t bring myself to blog this post ever since my cute little babe girl was diagnosed with cornea ulcer (some serious eye infection)  and  am talking about my 1 and half year old shihtzu. i was caught up in mom guilt (yes i call myself her mama) and nursing and treating her took a while. but she is finally back to her normal self, rolling and running around, eating her fave. food and implementing her desired activity of the day; sleeping.  which puts me back to my work too.

Speaking of the post, if your one of my ardent  follower, then you probably remember i not only posted one but two outfit looks on this particular trend. find about it (HERE)  and (HERE). all i can comment on this trend is, ITS BACK GIRLS. or was it even out? get your highest of the highest waist ed pants on and run around town!

but like i mention it on my older post, it can be tricky to style it, let me save you some time and share how i style mine. first rule, find a tops that fits you perfectly or a loose tee would suffice as long as you tug in those extra fabric in. and throw in your casual flats on and your ready but for a quick evening night out look, a sexy pair of stilettos or a mid calf boots should do its trick.

Finally i had included some of my shopping picks for you stylish people . have a look and catch ya soon. stay stylish (air kissess).


Stella McCartney paper waist pants

ASOS wide legged culotte

ASOS Easy Utility Peg Trousers with Paperbag Waist



Sending Nudes! (jumpsuit time)

Hi guys, am sorry for delaying this #ootd outfit post for so long. i wasnt really sure of it despite  teasing it on my IG and FB page. i wore this outfit on  my visit to the salon for  a hair cut,  if only you can notice it, since i wanted a drastic change on my look, my hair stylist somehow managed the same hairdo, only bit shorter. and i had to live with it. but its planning on to dye it, so lets see what happens then…

hope you guys enjoy this look of mine and stay tune for my upcoming post! till then stay stylish.


Chill summer! (Styling Turtlenecks in summer)

Hi guys, i finally found my motivation to pen down this much awaited post, regardless of how hectic this past week was..(am working on some projects which i will share with you guys soon) hows summer weather treating you? i have never seen this side of summer in Thailand, its been gloomy and raining all week, in retrospect to that, i miss SUN!

So i decided to do a post on how to adorn outfit on those chill summer days. Turtlenecks. not the thick woolen ones, that we flaunt every winter. but the sheer ones, which covers you enough but not necessarily makes you sweat. if your summer turtleneck got extra features like cut out cold shoulder  like the one am flaunting today, trust me, it will add more to your looks.

i have always enjoyed bags, which have one central details that stands out , and are finished in such a  minimal way. dare i say, everything feels just right. BOYY’s bold, leather-covered tote buckles definitely fit that description. and it instantly  caught my eye.  those large-buckled totes were too die for and the brand has been really successful in producing it for the past few seasons.

For a while, it was hard to find a spot to buy those bags online, but the online retailer stores spare no time in manufacturing their own version although mine almost look like a total rip off, of the actual bag. not that am complaining.

and i completed my look with this circular structured heel sock boot,  yet another rip off, from Burberry, the famous British luxury brand. don’t be disheartened since these are rip offs, it gives you the luxury feel and looks, without having to burn a hole in your saving.

if you like my todays look, you can get the similar items in the links given below. till then stay stylish guys and i will catch up with ya all in my next post. (air kissess)

BOYY tote BAG (similar Here)

sculpted heel (similar here)

High waisted shorts (similar here)

Tops (similar here)

Sleeveless black dress (summer look)


Hello guys, its so good to be back after a brief hiatus. i really missed blogging. although am still working on my website and the only solution i could come up, is to purchase new memory storage capacity.

on some lighter news, i had been enjoying my off duty looks, with this black sleeveless dress, its subtle and classy, whats better way to kick start your summer look than with a sleeveless outfit. (don’t forget to wear sunscreen thou) .i couldnt find a better way to showcase my new fav. sling bag (inspired from miumiu dahlia jewel studded bag) , i am literally carrying it everywhere. i really didnt wanted to go over the top with my outfit, since i wished my bag to stand out. (one of my classic way to dress down if i ever wanted my accessory to pop out or vice versa)

If you like my look, i took the liberty to pin down similar attires down below. till then stay stylish guys  (air kissess).

Black sleevelss dress (similiar here)

Jewel studed buckle leather bag (similar here)